The working language of the symposium will be English. Except for the Regulators Forum where Russian and English interpretation will be provided.

Extreme weather events, causing floods, droughts, can have major implications for the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure and services, and the availability of good quality water. Related to sanitation, post-flood areas show a significant occurrence of water-related infectious diseases. Disease outbreaks following heavy precipitation or floods are often the result of contamination of the drinking-water supply systems and living environment. During droughts, drinking water availability and quality can also be affected.  Occurance of extreme weather events are increasing and providing adequate services can be challenging.

In response to extreme events, adaptation strategies are being developed and implemented, at policy level, but also by drinking water and sanitation service providers. Water and sanitation safety plans (WSSP), as recommended by the World Health Organization, offer comprehensive risk-based management tools to enhance these efforts focusing on preventive measures and emergency response and preparedness planning.

During the 2017 6-7th April pan-European Symposium Water and Sanitation Safety Planning and Extreme Weather Events, cross-cutting topics will be addressed. Presentations and workshops will be organised with the goal of presenting achievements, experiences and challenges of water and sanitation professionals and regulators, in addressing extreme weather events, with a special focus on cases from the pan-European region. Presentations from throughout the world are welcomed.

This event presents a unique opportunity to share knowledge and experiences from within the region and to advance the topic of climate-resilient planning for water supply and sanitation services. Working languages of the symposium are English and Russian.

Interested to present a case at the symposium? For more information and  conference topic see Aim and Scope.  The deadline for abstracts is January 22nd, 2017. Accepted abstracts are invited for full paper submission and are eligible for publication in DWES Open Journal. The final programme will be communicated 1st week of February. Authors will be notified by after the deadline for submission.

Regulators Forum – State of the art of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation with special attention to Climate Change Challenges

The symposium will provide a platform for regulators from the pan-European region. Regulators are invited to submit proposals to present and discuss the following topics:

  • Achievements, challenges and needs in the region with regard to access and quality of drinking water supply and sanitation with special attention to extreme weather events
  • The role of WSSP as an instrument for governance
  • Prerequisites for implementation e.g.: Financing, Institutional framework, Competence in organizations, Awareness raising (e.g. public, political)

* Participants from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia may contact the IWC to request for travel support . Applicants will be informed before the February 1st.