The international Microbiology ISSM 2020 Conference

The International Society for Subsurface Microbiology (ISSM) is made up of microbiologists, ecologists, geoscientists, and other researchers around the world fascinated by the various aspects of subsurface microbiology, a rapidly expanding field that focuses on microbial life below the surface of the earth.


The 8th International Congress & Exhibition on Arsenic in the Environment

Arsenic in drinking water and food is a major health issue, affecting millions of people in many parts of the world. In recent years serious cases of arsenic exposure through different environmental matrices have been reported from, for example, Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, China, Taiwan, Turkey, West Bengal (India), Mexico, UK, USA, Pakistan, Vietnam as well…


AIWW Amsterdam International Waterweek 2019

Themes and topics The main theme of the AIWW Conference 2019 is ‘Implementation of Integrated Solutions by cities, industries, utilities and financiers: from cases to bankable projects.’ At the AIWW Conference leading innovators from municipal operators, industrial system developers, utilities and production chain designers will discuss the ambitious task to improve water system management. Together…


AIWW Summit 15 November 2018 Rotterdam

 “Implementation of integrated solutions for cities, utilities, industries and finance. ” The Amsterdam International Water Week Summit 2018 is the place to accelerate the ongoing progress on water issues led by the AIWW Conference series. The outcomes of AIWW Conference 2017 will be reviewed, dialogue and roundtable discussions will be stimulated by presentations given by…


Water Science for Impact International Conference

This large international and multidiscipinary water conference is convened within the framework of the WUR 100 years centennial celebrations, and is jointly organised by WUR, Deltares, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL).


16th IWA World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion

The theme of the 16th issue of the AD conference is “Accelerating natural cycles with anaerobic digestion.” We accelerate natural cycles from small to large scale on sewage, sludge, manure or agrowaste. We increasingly treat industrial wastewater anaerobically, and these engineered digestion systems allow recovery of energy and resources including


IWC International Water Conferences

IWC International Water Conferences is the foundation of the Royal NetherlandsWater Network (KNW) which organizes international conferences on behalf of KNW. Since 1984 the foundation has organized a large number of international conferences focussing on topics such as drinking water, wastewater and water management.

IWC Conferences organises international conferences for professionals in the water sector for business opportunities and networking. We make it possible for anyone involved in the sector to plan and hold a successful international event in the Netherlands. IWC is about meeting, exchanging experiences and sharing best practices among watersector professionals. IWC activities encourage and support the international network of watersector professionals in order to develop solutions for resilient cities and circular economy and to emphasize the importance of the Dutch watersector.

We organise conferences for members of KNW and other water professionals around the world. This involves bringing experts, stakeholders, and other interested parties together to facilitate knowledge exchange in the water sector, and between water professionals.

One of the main events we organize is the biennial Amsterdam International Water Week. We work together with different international water associations to plan and run this internationally recognised event. Water professionals from the Netherlands and from all ove the world are given the opportunity to present their work at Aquatech Amsterdam RAI.

In addition, we also offer our 30 years of experience to others in the water sector who are planning specialised conferences and events. We help water professionals in the Netherlands organise conferences or workshops as well as take care of the logistics, such as accommodations and registration. We can also take on a part of the financial risk after approval of the budget and fee. This allows water professionals to concentrate on the scientific content. Our experience in the industry and constant drive for innovation ensures every conference we run is a success, and helps to advance the water sector.

IWC Board Members

website IWC

Monique Bekkenutte

Executive director of the Dutch Water Association
csm__IGP3258-1 Van der Hoek, Jan Peter_943254e47a

Prof.dr. Jan Peter van der Hoek

Delft University of Technology

Jan Post


Ir. Hans Aalderink


Prof. dr. ir. Luuk Rietveld

Delft University of Technology

Prof. dr. Annemarie van Wezel

KWR Watercycle Research Institute

Erik Roesink

NX Filtration

Prof. dr. ir. Huub Rijnaarts

Wageningen University & Research / LeAF
TU Delft