Abstract submission

All abstracts should be written in English. An international programme committee will review the abstracts. Only papers and posters presented in person by the author(s) will be accepted. Authors must be able to meet their own expenses and fee. When submitting your proposal online, you will find a more detailed list of key words that we will use to categorise your submission and match it with appropriate reviewers.

Papers and posters within the scope of the conference are welcome. Authors should submit an abstract of about 1,000 words (2 pages) to the Conference Secretariat ( wssp@iwcconferences.com ), before  Januari 22st, 2017. The contributions should focus on the topics mentioned. Send also a photograph and a short text about yourself with your abstract.

Once all abstracts have been reviewed and as the final programme for the symposium is developed, the selected papers, and posters will be grouped into appropriate sessions. The names of the themes, tracks and topics may change to reflect these groupings. Some limited funding will be available to support the participation of experts from South-Eastern, Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Request for funding should be submitted
together with the abstracts. Please contact the conference secretariat for more information on how to apply.

In order to assist with the review/editing of abstracts, please carefully observe the following formatting and style conventions:


  • Titles should be Arial Bold 14 point single spaced.
  • Author information should be set two lines below the title and in Arial 11 point. It should consist of three lines single spaced: your name, your department/school, your institution.
  • The body of the abstract should be set two lines below your author information. • Font should be Arial 11 point.
  • Line spacing should be 1.5 with double spacing between paragraphs.
  • Text should be set left, non-justified, block paragraph/s (no indent).
  • Margins should be set at 2.54cm on top, bottom and right, with a 3.5cm margin on the left.
  • There should be two spaces after the end punctuation of each sentence in the text.


  • Place all titles of separately published works (print, film, televisual and so on) in italics.
  • Use double quotes throughout except for quotes inside quotes.
  • Avoid abbreviations such as “e.g.,” “i.e.,” “etc.”—that is, spell out the words.
  • Use the em-dash for dashes. The em-dash looks like this—that is, a solid double hyphen between words with no space before or after.

Do not include footnotes in your abstract. Instead weave any references to authors/titles into the text of the abstract.

Platform presentations are based on full papers. Presentation slot will be 20 minutes in which some time will be allocated to questions. Once selected for a platform presentation the authors are requested to submit a full paper that also will be considered for publication in peer reviewed journals.

Poster presentations will be on display for two days and are eligible for a best poster award which will be announced at the congress closing ceremony. All posters will be displayed on digital boards presented in the traffic areas. Platform and poster presentations are accorded equal status. The difference from a platform presentation is that you should let your poster do the ‘talking’; i.e. the material presented must convey your key points. If you prefer to present a poster please note this when you submit your proposal.

Extended deadline to submit your abstract – 22th Januari 2017