On November 5th, all presentations given at the New Developments in IT & Water conference were recorded. The videos of the presentations are available here. The presentations of November 6th and the technical tours, are available for viewing in pdf format. By sharing the results and knowledge from the New Developments in IT and Water conference we hope to increase the impact of the presented research and best practices.

Session 2B Data mining, handling and integration – Wastewater

Kim, Republic of Korea

Knowledge extraction from the historical database of wastewater treatment plant operation using various data mining techniques

E.I.P Volcke, Belgium

Influence of sampling strategies on the estimated nitrous oxide emission from wastewater treatment plants

Ll. Coromina, Spain

Understanding the sewer network performance under wet weather conditions by using data mining techniques

J. Langeveld, the Netherlands

Data mining for calibration of integrated models for urban water systems