On November 5th, all presentations given at the New Developments in IT & Water conference were recorded. The videos of the presentations are available here. The presentations of November 6th and the technical tours, are available for viewing in pdf format. By sharing the results and knowledge from the New Developments in IT and Water conference we hope to increase the impact of the presented research and best practices.

Session 4A Modeling and advanced control – Wastewater

J. van Geest, the Netherlands

Automatic control of anaerobic treatment with B-SMART technology

S.C.F. Meijer, the Netherlands

Model based process control design of combined biological-chemical phosphorus removal at WWTP Amsterdam West

H.S. Kim, Republic of Korea

Evaluation of rule-based control strategies according to process state diagnosis in A2/O process

E.I.P. Volcke, Belgium

Modelling and control of granular sludge reactors for autotrophic nitrogen removal