Scope and Topics

Papers are sought that reflect global best practice, fundamental science, innovative research, policy developments and solutions to challenges faced by water professionals worldwide under the themes set out below.

Modelling and advanced control

Creating the possibility to predict the behaviour of water processes and the interactions in the urban water cycle to improve operations with respect to water quality, costs and environmental emissions.

Monitoring and visualisation

New technologies and management approaches to help utilities to monitor the infrastructure, improve performance and respond to current and future challenges.

Big data: Data mining, handling and integration

Developments in the processing of non-uniform datasets from the entire urban water cycle for detection of interaction between the different sub-sectors and as input for improved operation.

Web-based applications

Examples of the use of Internet for purposes of distant monitoring and control of the urban water cycle, simulations of water processes and education in water management.

Customer interaction through apps

Involving customers in the management of the urban water cycle by information through social media and using the observations from the customers for improved operations.