Drinking water production excursion

Tuesday March 17th, 13.00 – 16.30 hrs. Visit Jan Lagrand Plant in Heemskerk € 50,-

Although non-chlorinated tap water might seem impossible, or a distant utopia for visitors to the Netherlands, for the Dutch it has been our daily business for decades. The secret to this success lays in the combination of an extensive treatment combined with a well-designed distribution network. During this technical tour you will visit one of our newest tap water production plants; “Jan Lagrand” in Heemskerk. This plant is operated by the PWN Water Supply Company North Holland which was founded in 1920. PWN is always been an early adaptor and innovator of new technologies for water treatment of surface water to the finest drinking water of the Netherlands.

The water treatment plant Jan Lagrand in Heemskerk features two of the three latest innovative water treatment processes of PWN:

  • Membrane filtration with UF and RO
  • Advanced Oxidation process with UV/H2O2

For the membrane filtration pre purified lake IJssel water is transported to Heemskerk, where it is treated with UF filtration to remove all particles including colloids, bacteria and viruses before it is treated with RO to get an ultra-pure water. For the advanced oxidation process prepurified is transport from Nieuwegein to Heemskerk, where the Hydrogen Peroxide is dosed in the feed stream of UV-reactors, after the UV-reactors it is passed over GAC reactors and pumped into the dunes for artificial recharge.

This plant produces 42 million m3 pretreated water for infiltration and 15 million m3 reversed osmosis water per year. PWN is distributing 105 million m3 drinking water to 780 thousand connections. You can visit this modern and interesting plant and hear about the processes and the techniques. The tour will start at the conference venue (KIT) and will go by bus to the Heemskerk plant. After the technical tour you will be brought back to the conference venue to join the opening ceremony.