Swimming and bathing mark the crossroads of sports, relaxation, education, recreation and community. Swimming and bathing are two of the most popular activities for all age groups in many countries all over the world.

The previous five International Conferences Swimming Pool and Spa have shown that swimming and bathing is healthy. International scientists perform high quality research to safeguard and further improve the health benefits of swimming and bathing, based on research topics that include novel and updated disinfection techniques, water- and air treatment,bather safety (chemical, microbiological, and physical), education and surveillance.

The 6th International Conference Swimming Pool and Spa will continue the focus on health, safety and quality of swimming pools and spas with oral, flash and poster presentations during a three day conference. With this announcement we invite all interested scientists and other interested parties to participate in this conference and share and discuss their scientific knowledge.

We are proud and honoured to host the 6th International Conference Swimming Pool and Spa in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 17 – 20 March 2015.