IWC Conferences

We organise conferences for members of KNW and other water professionals around the world. Our purpose is to bring experts, stakeholders, and other interested parties together to facilitate knowledge exchange in the water sector, and between water professionals.

The most important event we run is the biennial Amsterdam International Water Week. We work together with different international water associations in planning and running this internationally recognised event, which is held concurrently with Aquatech Amsterdam. This event provides water professionals from the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world an opportunity to present their work.

In addition we also offer our 30 years of experience to others in the water sector who are planning specialised conferences and events, such as seminars or workshops. We specialise in handling the logistics of the conference including accommodation, registration and financial risk allowing the water professionals to concentrate on the scientific content of the conference.

Our experience in the industry and constant drive for innovation ensures every conference is a success and helps to advance the water sector


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