AIWW Conference – Call for cases & solutions

We are delighted to invite the submission of cases and solutions for the next Amsterdam International Water Week Conference, which takes place from 30 October – 3 November 2017.

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is one of the most diverse and innovative water events in Europe. The unique combination of the world renowned Aquatech Exhibition, Floodex and the AIWW conference, means that solutions and business connect with policy and science to discuss a broad range of subjects. Cities, utilities and industries meet at all levels. A unique opportunity to share your views with over 25.000 professionals. Please click here for a short review of last years’ events.

The conference

Participants of the 4th AIWW Conference become part of an ambitious community that makes things happen. ‘Water…and nine billion people’ is the subject: how do we create a circular and resilient water environment in high density living areas? Our goal is to facilitate real breakthroughs on this subject and to follow up on the discussions after the event until we reach that goal. Cities, industries and utilities take centre stage. We will be matching concrete, real life water cases and case owners to international experts and solutions. The AIWW aims for a series of ‘Amsterdam Agreements’ where cases owners, and – for example – experts, suppliers, investors, pledge to continue their work until they reach the goals that they have set. Please read the AIWW position paper for more information on the thematic focus of the AIWW conference.

Cases and solutions

AIWW recognizes the interconnected nature between urban planning, ecological design, water-waste-energy management, resilience, health and the trade-offs and synergies between them. We are looking for cases and innovative solutions that allow us to make real breakthroughs between multiple sectors, from finance to technology, from governance to spatial planning.

Examples of cases

A case can be a city facing specific water challenges, an industry wishing to reduce its’ water footprint, a region wanting to increase agricultural yield with less water, and more. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Akzo Nobel, all pioneers in innovation when it comes to sustainability, were the first to submit a case. Read their inspiring examples here.

Examples of Solutions

A solution is anything that can help us in the transition to circular and resilient water environment in high density living areas. A game changing innovation, an indepth analyses, a best practice, new scientific insights, financial or governance models, etcetera.

Submit your case or solution

Is your organization leading in the transition towards a circular and resilient water future? If so, then the AIWW conference is of high value to you. We would like to invite you to submit your case or solution.

Case labs: a place for breakthroughs

We would like to offer you the opportunity to use the AIWW conference as the ideal platform to discuss your case, problem or challenge in specific ‘Case Labs’. Your case will receive reflection from a broad audience discussing relevant (sub)themes, current state and the broader picture of challenges to tackle. While addressing the main issues of a case, Case labs aim to identify solutions and even establish agreements with a selected audience of case leaders and solution providers in the field of circular economy and sustainable water management. The Call for Cases focuses on four central questions:

  1. Who is the case owner?
  2. What is the main theme and topic of the case?
  3. Which input is requested to solve the case?
  4. How could the AIWW Conference contribute in solving the case?

Solution workshops: innovation and indepth discussion

The AIWW2017 conference also provides the opportunity to discuss a solution you offer based on specific experiences, products, services or results in specific ‘Solution Workshops’. The solutions provided via the Call for Solutions will be used as input to solve cases and discuss relevant (sub)themes, current state and the broader picture of challenges to tackle in cities, utilities and industries. Solution contributions will be used in the AIWW program to address practice of the subject and deepening main issues to identify solutions and even establish agreements with reflection and insights from solution providers with academic, applied science, consulting, knowledge institute, NGO’s, system developers, technology providers, new-tech ventures, financial institutes and investors background.

The format: Call for Solutions is organized around four central questions:

1. What is the main theme and topic of the solution?

Water efficiency and value

  • Resource recovery from the water cycle
  • Energy recovery from the water cycle
  • Value chain, waterfootprint and waterstewardship
  • Energy neutral Cities, industries and utilities
  • Finance strategy, compliance and implementation
  • Blue economy and resilient New business models

Watermanagement and resilience

  • Resilient Cities, adaptation to Climate change (extreme rain)
  • Resilient Cities, adaptation to Climate change (drought)
  • Transition of infrastructure and (re)designing with water
  • Climate adaptation in delta’s
  • Adaptive water allocation and resilient industries
  • Resilient utilities and infrastructure

Institutional transition and governance

  • International co- operation and transboundary dialogue
  • Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Public-private Partnership
  • Public awareness and social change
  • Water partnerships and Institutional capacity
  • Circular and Blue economy

Innovative water system implementation

  • Handling micro pollutants
  • New customer concepts (social media) and New markets
  • Decentralized systems
  • New ICT and Data Solutions (remote sending)
  • Assetmanagement and big data
  • Water, waste and food nexus

2. What is the main innovative/change aspect?
3. Which input is requested to use this solution in City, Utility and or Industry cases?
4. How can the AIWW ‘Mix, Meet & Match’ platform contribute to push this solution?

AIWW Program 2017

The full program of the AIWW conference will be built around selected cases and solutions. The aim of the conference is to bring together an international group of experts and support matchmaking on integrated (un)conventional solutions open to dynamic participation. The organizers hope to Meet, Match and Mix unique teams of multidisciplinary experts, young water professionals, new tech innovators working on new possible solutions,partnerships and financial models. Besides the case labs and indepth labs the conference offers inspiring keynote speeches, leaders fora, round table meetings and many networking opportunities.

Practical info: Case and/or Solution Submission

Abstracts of cases and solutions can be submitted starting February 2017. Deadline for submission is March 31st 2017. Notice of acceptance will be May 30th 2017.

In case of program suggestions and/or further questions you can use the following email address to get in touch with the organisers via:

Conference Registration

As submitter of a case you will be kindly asked to register for the conference. Registration is open from April 1st. The organizers are not able to fully waive the conference fee. Presenters however will be provided a reduced speakers fee that provides access to the full conference.  In case of questions about AIWW conference registration you can get in touch with the organisers via: