By Piet Dircke, Global Leader Water Management at Arcadis: Global issues such as climate change are compounding in urban spaces, creating complex challenges. Cities and metropolitan regions around the world are acknowledging that local leadership must rethink the capacity, use and functionality of the urban water system and waterfront space. The urban water challenges of…

WSSP and extreme weather conference

Extreme weather events, causing floods, droughts, can have major implications for the performance of water and wastewater infrastructure and services, and the availability of good quality water. Related to sanitation, post-flood areas show a significant occurrence of water-related infectious diseases.

4th Amsterdam International Waterweek

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is the platform bringing together leaders from government, the private sector, academics and society all over the world; together we will explore a new era of Sustainable Development Goals that represent a global process of resiliency, optimal resource efficiency and transition to circular economies.